The condoleanceregister has been closed. We (Evelien, Onno & Maaike, Sander & Kirsten) want to thank you for all your kind reactions. We don't exactly know what to do with the website, but we want to keep it open for sure. Perhaps there are birdwatchers who want to share there birding trip reports on this site too. Maybe that is an option, we will let you know on this site. And you can always email me for suggestions.


Below you will see the original website as it was.

Sander Goldbach


During my limited free time I am a rather ambitious birder and member of the Board of the SOVON Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology, which coordinates the research and monitoring activities of birders
at the national level. This page contains a number of trip reports with observations done in various countries, in geographical context. More trip reports are to be found at and on Blake Maybank's website, covering the New World,
Links to some other Web Sites: I recommend inspection of the Web Pages of Rolf De By ( which contains a.o. the complete Sibley & Monroe List of Birds of the World (version 1993), and Birdlinks, with approximately 400 links, all recently checked for availability. Here is also the link of my former website to see some reports in html.



Click here for my professional activities as virologist.